The pen is mightier than the river, and a sword is thicker than family… Wait, what?

Nicholas Alfred DeAngelo

The Nick Chronicles documents the life and times of Oregonian cartoonist, Nick DeAngelo. It includes significant events, personal perspectives, the occasional rant, and some completely fabricated stories.

The comic was started in a surge of inspiration in December 2007 by an angsty teenager, as a means of self-expression. Since then, the comic has continued to change and evolve with its artist. TNC now exists in a series of chapters, signifying the different phases of Nick’s life.

TNC is a true-life narrative now spanning over a decade. Nick is excited to see how his story will unfold in the coming years. Hopefully we have just scratched the surface.

Nick DeAngelo is a Eugene-based cartoonist, animator, and videographer. The Nick Chronicles is his longest-running project. When he’s not procrastinating on updating it, he enjoys talking endlessly about movies, being confused about dating, and writing bios about himself.

You can check out Nick’s portfolio of art and media at nickdeangelo.com.